Game of Thrones Tours In Europe

One of the most popular books of epic fantasy and an amazing TV series with a botched up ending comes to life. Ordinary people, like you and I, now have a chance to visit some of the filming locations in Europe and walk the same roads and buildings as some of our favorite characters from the epic. It is impossible to see all of the filming locations in a single year but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Now, let’s see what these tours can offer us.

Why Go?

Before we start with our list of tours and locations, we should address the question of why one would go to a Game of Thrones tour.

It is very simple. You can enjoy the opportunity this presents by reliving some of the most iconic moments in the books and series. Ring the bell while chanting ‘Shame’, sing “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, or find a hilltop from which you will whisper: “Dracarys”. You will find locations upon which trotted the feet of Arya, Cercei, and Daenerys.To put it simply, this is as close you will get to actually being in the story.


Croatia is one of the countries a portion of the series was filmed. In Dubrovnik, you will not only get to experience the world of Game of Thrones but also the history of the city. Furthermore, you needn’t worry about the tour taking too much of your time – it is about three hours long. That is more than enough time to explore the King’s Landing.

There is also Split to consider, as many moments were brought to life here. Here, you will find the location used for the city of Meereenthe Klis Fortress. Be prepared to spend around 4 hours on the tour.

Ireland and Northern Ireland

Throughout the entire year, you are able to start the long and amazing trip to the series in Dublin, as well as Belfast. The former lasts about 14 hours, while the latter is ‘only’ 9 hours long. You will see attractions such as the King’s Road, Winterfell, and the Iron Islands, and you’ll even be in a place where you can pledge your allegiance to House Stark.


Are you afraid of the White Walkers, but are nonetheless able to withstand the cold that rules around the Wall? There is a tour that lasts 8 hours in Reykjavik that may be just right for you. This is a perfect spot to see the Eyrie’s Bloody Gate and Olly’s village that suffered an attack by the Freefolk.


Spain was used for filming the events that occurred in Dorne. The main gem of the tour here is the palace known as the Alcázar of Seville, which we know as prince Doran Martell’s castle. Take a walk on the breathtaking paths by the castle walls and prepare to be immersed in the scenes of the Snakes plotting on how to preserve their kingdom from the emerging conflicts. There is more than just one tour in Spain and it is nearly impossible to visit all of the filming locations. Nevertheless, it is one of the tours worth considering.


Malta welcomes Game of Thrones fans every year from March until November. Some of its finest historic locations were used in filming the series, particularly in order to create the Red Keep. Like in other locations, you will not only be able to see the spots where the scenes were filmed but also learn a bit about the history of these sites and buildings. Believe us, they do have a few stories to tell us.


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