How to Backpack through Vegas

Las Vegas is the capital of entertainment, but it does come at a cost. We are not talking about gambling, though that could very well eliminate your planned budget in minutes if you’re the type of person who generally enjoys visiting sites like What we are talking about is the cost of living and staying at hotels and visiting the attractions. One would think that it is nearly impossible to come up with a way to have an affordable trip to Las Vegas. However, what if you took on backpacking for the experience? Impossible? Hardly. There are just a few tricks and tips you need to know first.

Wander the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the go-to destination for all travelers and tourists trying to experience what the city is all about. You can see the pyramids at Luxor, visit the New York replicas, or enjoy a number of free attractions within the casinos themselves. For example, the Silverton Casino has an aquarium, while others have art collections, galleries, and even zoos.


You may be tempted to stay at a hotel. After all, the whole point of going to Vegas is to experience a bit of luxury before you challenge Lady Luck, right? However, if you are traveling on a budget, it is essential to find hostels or special renting deals. If you are lucky and shop around for a while, you can find accommodations for as little as $50 a night. If that’s not a bargain for this city, then we don’t know what is.

The alternative is to find a local you can stay with. However, this option is okay only if you know the individual personally and can trust them. There are far too many negative experiences shared among the tourists to simply waltz in unprepared.

Outdoor Activities

It is natural to want to spend your entire stay in this city indoors, preferably in a casino. However, experienced travelers will seek out other forms of the thrill and some of them include outdoor activities. Believe it or not, there are hiking trips you can go on, like, for example, the Red Rock Canyon. You can also enjoy some of the street performers in the city. The only difference between some of them and those that frequent hotels and casinos to entertain the patrons is that the former have not yet been formally discovered. Apart from that, the quality of entertainment is about the same.


Casinos and restaurants constantly face stiff competition in Las Vegas and therein lies your chance to cash in on it. Coupons are not only good for the buffets and free spins but some special deals on shows and exhibits. If you play your cards right, pardon the expression, you can gamble (if that’s your thing), attend a show, eat nice food, and experience much of the city without spending too much cash. It is very similar to coupon deals some of your relatives have made a science out of. You can spend a few tens of dollars for sustenance and entertainment normally priced several times the amount.

Carry Everything with You

If you’ve ever traveled the world with a loved one, you have, no doubt, experienced some form of an argument pertaining to how you two should spend your money. If you prepare yourself and pack cheap food and drinks to carry with you in your backpack, you can save a pretty penny. Remember that the locations are not charging you for the food, but for the experience. Eat and drink before you see a show or try your luck – it is amazing how much money can be saved this way.


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