Sports Tourism in Europe – Which Events to See

Fans of sports go around the world to support their favorite teams (although they most often do so by betting with a Betfair bonus), visiting famous sights and fields, stadiums or events. If you are a fan of sports, you will want to visit almost any event from any sport. But, that means splitting yourself into at least a hundred different versions and going throughout the world to explore it and see all the sports event at once. That being impossible, you need to be a bit more specific and choose your locations wisely. If you plan on visiting Europe and want to see some of its amazing sports events, here is a short list of some of the more interesting ones.

St. Andrews – Scotland

Scotland has everything, beautiful Highlands, great weather, a bit too rainy for some, and a rich history of sports. Cricket and golf both have their roots in Scotland and St. Andrews is one of those golf courses which just oozes with beauty and style. If you have ever wanted to experience golf in its traditional way, you must visit St. Andrews. Be careful, though, it can get windy and cold up there, so pick your months wisely.

Calcio Storico – Florence

Some call it the Calcio Florentino, because it takes place in Florence. If you’re planning on visiting Florence in June, specifically the third week of June, then you shouldn’t miss out on the Calcio Storico or Calcio Florentino. It is a game which includes a ball and lots of fighting. Yes, you can elbow, knee and even headbutt your opponent, but you cannot attack a single opponent with help from your teammates, you can do it by yourself, and vice versa, you can only be attacked by a single opponent. This was most likely created to rival a similar Roman game which was even more brutal and players often ended up dying. Visit the Piazza Santa Croce if you want to see this event unfold.

Roland Garros – Paris

Roland Garros or the French Open is a Grand Slam tournament which takes place from May to June, every year. It is played on clay and is played in Paris, France. It is the perfect time to visit Paris, other than winter, of course. The French Open is an attraction in itself, but being in Paris during the Grand Slam means you can explore the city and see some of its sights, not just a sporting event.

Bandy Super League – Russia

If you find yourself in Russia from November to March (warning, it’s really cold), you shouldn’t miss out on a Bandy match. Bandy is the Russian version of ice hockey, but one which is played like football, with 11 players and 45 minute halves. Be sure to find tickets on time, the popularity of this sport in Russia is absurd, so if you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you will not be disappointed.

The Monaco Grand Prix – Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most popular and famous, as well as prestigious Formula One races. It is located in Monaco and has spectator seats which cost well over 10000 euros, as well as some which are even free, but you only get to see parts of the race course. Regardless, Monaco is literally full of sights to see, so if you get to see them alongside the Grand Prix, you already checked a lot of things from your list.

These are some sports sights and events which you should visit, but only a few of them. You can also consider the Champions League matches, Wimbledon, EuroLeague Basketball and plenty more sports, from cricket, to the Tour de France. Europe has plenty of sporting events, the only problem is you can’t see all of them at once.


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