The Smallest Countries in Europe That You Should Visit

Europe has a lot of countries and cultures packed into a rather small continent. From France and its many sights and wine, to Italy and its beautiful mountains and valleys, to east Europe with its many Slavic countries, fiery and vibrant in their own way, Europe has a lot of interesting places to see. What it also has are rather small countries, so small, in fact, that they are the size of a medium city, some even smaller. There are a couple of these countries which you should visit, and here they are, in no particular order.

Vatican City

Ah, the seat of the Catholic church and the smallest city in the world. It is only 400 square meters large and it is ruled by the Pope. Now, the ruling Pope changes every now and then, but you will probably not get to see him. What you can see, however, is St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. You can also bother the Swiss Guard for a couple of photos. They are used to it. 


Officially called the Principality of Monaco, it is a city which is bordered by France and the Mediterranean Sea. it is only 2 square kilometers large and it is one of the richest cities/countries in the world. It also has a 0% unemployment rate, which is rather impressive. It also has the highest population density out of any country, currently at 18,000 residents per square kilometer. With that many people in a single city, things can get crowded, especially during the Grand Prix. Choose your month wisely.

San Marino

San Marino, lice the Vatican, is located in Italy. Whilst the Vatican is in Rome, San Marino is located in Central North Italy and is a bit larger, sitting at 61 square kilometers. It is also the oldest sovereign, constitutional republic in the world. It was founded in 301 AD. That’s quite old for a country, especially one that has not changed since, regarding its territory size, at least. There are plenty of things to see in this microstate, from mountains to various sights like the Fortress of Guaita on Mount Titano.


Liechtenstein is a small country bordered by Austria and Switzerland. It is bigger than the rest, sitting at 160 square kilometers. It is a rather famous but not so famous ski resort during winter. It is surrounded by the Alps so that makes a lot of sense. It is also a country which has no external debt. Their tax system is also very interesting to people, so many seek refuge there.


Malta is a republic in the Mediterranean Sea, composed of three islands, Comino, Gozo and Malta. The summers are hot and the winters are mild, meaning tourists love to visit this country during all periods of the year. It is a famous destination and if you like parties and a warm climate, this should be your next small country to visit. It is a bit larger than the rest, double the size of Liechtenstein, sitting at 316 square kilometers.

The small countries of Europe pack a lot in their small territories. Apart from these, you can also consider Luxembourg, Andorra, Cyprus and Montenegro. They are also culture-packed for their relatively small size.


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