Travel through Mongolia like Genghis Khan

Mongolia is a beautiful country and one of its most famous rulers and conquerors was Genghis Khan. He was one of the few people in history that was able to unite several tribes and set out to conquer and establish a powerful empire still talked about to this day. Now, travelers from all over the globe have a chance to recreate his footsteps and see Mongolia through his eyes. Here is how.

The Tours

There are several tours that allow visitors to see what Mongolian history is all about. There are even a few that let you train to be a warrior of old for several days, even going so far as to craft your own bow and arrows and practice shooting them before retiring for the evening and sleeping in gers, special Mongol tents.

The tours include experiencing the nomadic lifestyle, so you will spend most of your trip on the back of a horse, interacting with the local nomadic tribes as you journey throughout the country. Be prepared to ride through amazing forests and over the rivers and lakes of Mongolia.

Where to Begin

Most tours start in the city of Ulaanbaatar. This is not the place you will get to fully experience the life of the middle of the gone millennium, but it is certainly the place to start your tour. You will be happy to know that most of the local guides speak English at least at an intermediate level, so there is little chance of you getting lost, both literally and in translation. They are also very accommodating, prepared to change your tour based on your condition and preferences.

What to Expect

Besides riding horses on the tours, which is enough of a reason for this to be a unique experience, you can expect to get acquainted with the traditional food and drinks, including the hard liquor made from milk. You can also expect to visit some of the locations that you would not normally encounter on nomadic trips, like the Buddhist monasteries, the statues and monuments dedicated to the great warrior, and a few museums which depict the history of the country in great detail.

Those in the mood for a more traditional travel experience can hope to catch quite a few shopping bargains, not least of which is the potential acquisition of cashmere. Be warned, though – the traffic in Ulaanbaatar can be quite vexing, so plan to lose a few precious minutes if you find yourself here.

Who Should Not Go

It goes without saying that these tours, exciting as they are, are not suitable for just anyone. For example, while teenagers might enjoy the experience, there is very little here to do for little children. We would also advise you to skip the Genghis Khan tours if you are of week health or pregnant. Most of the tours take place in a cold climate, so if you are on the lookout for a tropical vacation, it is obvious that you would not enjoy your time in Mongolia.


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