Using Cryptocurrencies to Facilitate Traveling

One of the biggest issues a traveler faces every time they leave their country is not how to pack their luggage, but what to do with their money. Cash can be stolen, the exchange rates can be ridiculous (especially at the airports and other transportation stations), and there is a chance that the local businesses won’t accept your credit card. Luckily, there is a new method of paying for things abroad – cryptocurrency. Just like using a Lucky Pants Bingo Promo Code makes it more fun for people playing bingo, here is how using cryptocurrency can make your traveling experience easier and more pleasant.

Booking Online

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are now able to book their flights and accommodations online using BitCoin. A large number of apps and sites accept them as a form of payment and they don’t leave the same trace as your credit cards might. You can explore flight changes and layovers, as well as find the cheapest hotels that accept BitCoin as a form of payment.


You might be surprised that it’s not only the traveling itself but the destinations and shops that cater to the emerging market in this way., for example, is a platform that performs a service every BitCoin lover may find handy. It displays the map of all the local businesses that accept cryptocurrencies. That means that you could very well go to a restaurant, buy clothes, and do a number of other things with your wallet.

Fiat Currency

The huge majority of places still only accept fiat currency for goods and services. That is fine, but it might make a crypto-traveler feel left out of many cool experiences. Luckily, there are several credit cards that use cryptocurrency but also bridge the gap between the users and the service providers. For instance, we have the Bitpay’s Visa card, which uses BitCoin as its main currency, but can convert it to dollars in a matter of seconds. This one is aimed mainly at US residents, whereas the Europeans and Asians can find a similar service with Fuzex.


Every traveler is sometimes faced with the problem of being alone in a new and big city or country. The amount of isolation can make you feel like an Englishman in New York, but there is a remedy for that. There are several platforms you can use to connect to other cryptocurrency users. You can organize a get-together and even get some tips on exchanging BitCoin for fiat currencies. It feels really good to be among your own people in a new environment.

Should you Use It?

For now, there is still a grey area regarding which countries regulate the use of cryptocurrencies. The technology’s biggest asset is also its downside – the currency is decentralized and it doesn’t belong to any person, company, bank, or country.

However, it is a revolutionary way of purchasing goods and services and it is getting more and more popular with each minute. That being said, you should probably consider it only if you are already an enthusiast.


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