Visiting Moldova – Why You Should Do It

Nestled between Ukraine and Romania lies one of the smaller countries that are not often visited. Moldova has a few gems for the explorers that like to take the road less traveled and avoid tourists. Why would you want to visit the, arguably, poorest country in Europe? Here are a few reasons.

Not Many Visitors

When we said you would not be stuck with a bunch of tourists, we really mean it. As it turns out, fewer than 15,000 people visit Moldova every year. That means that not only are you going to avoid tourist traps, but you’ll also get to experience the local lifestyle and mentality for yourself. People there are very eager to please the visitors, so that is definitely a bonus. Furthermore, Moldovans are not bothered by the political backlash and will share their opinions openly if asked. That is what makes the country genuine.


Moldova has a strong culture regarding the production and consumption of alcohol, specifically wine. This is because the country was once a part of the Soviet Union and they were in charge of producing large quantities of wine for the USSR. After the fall, the wineries remained and they improved their techniques with European methods. Wine in Moldova alone is enough of a reason to visit this country.

It’s Affordable

Moldova is a perfect location for those that are traveling on a budget. While you might expect a beer in a bar for less than $9 in New York to be a bargain, you can expect drink prices for one to be around $1.5 here. The price of the accommodations is almost ludicrously low, with the hotels charging less than $15 a night and hostels are even cheaper. So, if you are a traveler that knows the value of a dollar or euro, you are probably going to have a good time in this country.


As all countries worth visiting, Moldova has a number of sites you may want to check out. Among other things, there are many Orthodox Christian churches, each with its own history, icons, and frescos. You can even find one of the oldest monasteries in the world – Orheiul Vechi, around which there are ruins that are more than 2000 years old.

Additionally, the capital city, Chișinău, contains a number of museums and galleries where you can get immersed in the times gone by and how they affected the local life. There are so many different civilizations, stories, and historic events to satisfy even the most finicky among history lovers.

The Green

Many people would argue that there is no point in visiting a place that has many parks and green surfaces, as you could get the same experience from going to your own countryside. However, the aforementioned Chișinău is anything but bland, as it has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, despite the fact it is one of the greenest cities in Europe. We would argue that the fresh air in a big city is a welcome change of pace from the usual travel destinations.


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