Visiting Cuba Before It’s Too Late

Cuba has been a subject of controversy on the global stage for quite some time now and there is a reason so many people shy away from visiting it. However, the country has a lot to offer to travelers. The culture, the experience, and a whole different world from what you are used to are waiting for you. However, many things are changing and the country might not be the same travel destination for long. Here are a few reasons you should visit Cuba before it gets too late to fully enjoy it.

Tourist Influx

The US has been squeamish about allowing its citizens to visit the country. While it is legal for a US resident to go to the country, there are several limitations regarding how you can get there and what you can bring back. Cuban cigars, famous as they are, are illegal to trade with by the Americans, though their consumption, as such, is okay. This is a long-winded road to explain to you the implications of what you may be in for.

That being said, the country is experiencing growth and allows more and more people from the entire world to come and see its beauty. Because of this, it is very likely that Cuba is going to be overrun by tourists pretty soon. This is important for several things.

First of all, whenever there are plenty of tourists, the traveling destination loses a significant portion of its authenticity. In order to accommodate tourists, the local authorities may very well allow American fast-food restaurants, popular blockbuster movies, and other pop-culture items to outshine what the country is all about.

Secondly, when we say the place may become overcrowded, we really mean it. For instance, there is a scene in the movie Euro Trip where the main characters visit Paris and try to see the sites, only to be greeted by unbelievable lines. One of the characters then says: “So, you guys wanna stay here, or should we check out the huge line at the Eiffel Tower?” You might be in a similar position of you delay your plans for too long.

Finally, the influx of tourists is going to seriously mess with the country’s economy. In their effort to profit from visitors from other countries, the prices of accommodations and food and drink will exponentially rise, leaving not only backpackers in a bind but the locals as well.

Travel Bans

One of the reasons you may consider Cuba as your destination is that its relationship with some other countries, primarily the US, can be strained at times. This may lead to travel bans and restrictions. While it seems that they are lessening as time goes by, there is no guarantee that this will continue to be the case. In other words, you should go while you still can. Otherwise, you may miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity.


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